10 Cigars that Perfectly Pair with Crown Royal

The picture perfect gentleman is always perfectly paired with a sophisticated suit while being decorated with an aristocrat’s accessories. These trimmings most commonly are a crystal glass filled with sharp whiskey on the rocks and a smoldering, dark cigar pinched between his index and middle finger.

It’s the poster of class and deep complexity; no wonder James Bond always ended his day with the comfort of these two comrades. However, the catch 20 is that unless you are an expert at whiskey and cigar pairings, it can be a dangerously tasteless combination.

But with so many options available, what is reliable and worthy? Luckily we have done the guess and check work for you and have found the 10 perfect pairings of cigars with Crown Royal whiskey.


The Drink

Before we enjoy the aromas of the cigar, the first puzzle piece to understand is the drink. Crown Royal is one of the most preferred whiskeys and tends to be a common choice among gentlemen because of its high-class taste without having to break the budget for the pleasure. Most famous of the selections is the Crown Royal Deluxe because of its standard of excellence, and extraordinary blend of 50 full-bodied flavors matured to perfection. For those who haven’t tasted the miracle elixir, here are some tasting notes according to the makers of Crown Royal:

  • The Nose: “Rich and robust, with slight hints of vanilla and fruit”.
  • The Palate: “Delicately smooth and creamy with hints of oak and the sweet flavor of vanilla”.
  • The Finish: “Long and Lingering” so the rich burn and aromatic flavor will stay with you for a while.


The Cigars

Since Crown Royal is such a potent and strong flavor, as are most whiskeys, the recommended cigar pairing is more mild and mellow. In this particular case, don’t fight fire with fire; the strength of the drink with the pungent smoke will be too strong and overwhelming. Eventually, the unique palate of each will be muddied and lost through hyper stimulation. Instead, choose a cigar that will compliment the powerful flavor of the alcohol. This means keep it mild, smooth, and creamy.

It seems odd to think that the only being that can tame the wild beast is a gentle friend, but this parable is true when it comes to Crown Royal and its cigars. The powerful spike of the whiskey needs a smooth and subtle compliment in order for both flavors to be fully enjoyed. The extremes of each bring out the best in the other, meaning that the soft flavors of the smoke will be pleasantly magnified with each pungent sip. And since Crown Royal Deluxe has a somewhat gentle sweetness, oaky and buttery flavors in the cigar are also refreshing and memorable.

What We Recommend

Now that we know what flavors are recommended, the next step is to find cigars that match the ideal description. Luckily, we have done the handwork and found the best of the best.

Here is a list of cigars that we personally recommend. All are medium to mild in their finish, possess some sort of creamy or perfumed flavor, and are wildly popular among cigar connoisseurs:


Ashton Crystal

Saint Luis Rey G Rothschild Maduro

Romeo Y Jullieta 1875 #2 Deluxe Glass Tubo

Quorum Corona

Alec Bradley Black Market Gordo

Punch After Dinner Ems

Hoyo De Monterey Excalibur III English Claro

Nat Cicco Cuban Legends Toro Natural

Panter Mignon Deluxe Sweet


Now that you are an expert, you too can look like the profound aristocrat thanks to our helpful hints to pairing Crown Royal with specialty cigars. So grab a couple of your best mates and enjoy an evening fit for a king while trying out some of these fantastic combinations.


Feature Photo Source: Kemptonexpress

1 Photo Source: Crown Royal

2 Photo Source: Cigars WordPress