Benefits of a Humidor Bag

For anyone who enjoys a good cigar as an occasional hobby or a full-on passion, there’s no doubt that you probably know what a bad cigar is like. At the very least, you know how much some cigars can cost. Thus, making the most out of what you buy is essential to make cigars an enjoyable and hopefully not too costly pastime. This is where a humidor bag comes in.

A humidor bag is the perfect thing to make sure your cigars are kept in the best condition so that they can be enjoyed to their full potential while simultaneously getting the full worth out of each cigar that you purchase. It’s certainly worth looking into, so without further ado…here’s a little helpful information about humidor bags.


What is a Humidor Bag?

Let’s get something important at the way first. For anyone who might not have an inkling of what a humidor bag is, in laymen’s terms it’s just a container with the ability to both regulate airflow and humidity inside to preserve the cigars.

In this helpful overview at Cigar Aficionado, they are quick to point out that the fact that a humidor is a regulated storage unit does not mean it is completely sealed and airtight because that would actually have a detrimental effect on your cigars. They need the perfect environment.


What They Do for Cigar Owners and Your Cigars

Humidor bags provide the perfect environment for your cigars. Too much moisture will cause your cigars to grow mold, and there’s no real way to salvage them at that point.

There goes a fairly significant investment down the drain. That’s no good, but too little moisture and your cigars will become dried out and unpleasant. There needs to be a happy medium, and the humidor bag is the perfect item to find that middle ground so you can have that relaxing smoke you crave.

It’s true that humidor bags sometimes come equipped with hydrometers or thermometers, but the most important sign of whether or not your humidor is up to par is the condition of the cigars inside. That’s what matters most.


Choosing a Humidor Bag

Now that you have a little information about humidors and what they do, it’s time to actually go out and buy one. WikiHow features a helpful post (with pictures included) about what to consider when you buy a humidor to store your cigars.

One of the first parameters is obviously price, because depending on what you are willing to pay, that will dictate the quality of the humidor bag. However, beyond simple price, size is also key because if you plan to have a lot of cigars at any given time, a larger option might be better. For those who are casual smokers you might want to consider a portable travel size or at least a smaller option.


Happy Shopping!

Now it’s time to check out some humidor bags from Cigar Standard’s stock and find the one that’s right for you! We hope you’ll never have to worry about the quality of your cigars again. That’s the goal.