The Best Cigar Lounges to Enjoy a Smoke Around the World

A good cigar and a glass of whiskey are always a good way to end a day. Add a good atmosphere and a place to relax away from the stresses of work and you’ve got yourself a cigar lounge. Travel can be stressful as well, and a good cigar can help that, so, if you’re ever in the area, here is a tour of the 10 best cigar lounges around the world.

1. Churchill’s Cigar Bar. Long Beach, California

The Best Cigar Lounges to Enjoy a Smoke Around the World 1

Starting aboard the Queen Mary 2 is Churchill’s Cigar Bar located on deck nine adjacent from the Commodore Club. This cigar bar gives you a classy atmosphere while you’re settled in a leather chair puffing away at a cigar or pipe. The bar offers a selection of cigars from the onboard humidor or enjoy your own.

2. Davidoff Lounge. Beijing, China

A sail away is a Ritz-Carlton based cigar bar called the Davidoff Lounge in Beijing, China. While the lounge is rooted in European history, the location gives the décor a more traditionally Asian style and atmosphere. This three storey tall lounge features multiple VIP rooms to enjoy while smoking a Davidoff cigar.

3. Burlington Club. Manama, Bahrain

Continuing through Asia to Manama, Bahrain you can find another Ritz Carlton based cigar bar. The Burlington Club is located off the Persian Gulf and its drawing atmosphere makes this a great escape destination. The Burlington Club has a variety of rooms to enjoy a cigar in, and its bar takes pride in serving only the best whiskey.

4. The Tynska Bar and Books. Prague, Czech Republic

The Best Cigar Lounges to Enjoy a Smoke Around the World 2

Sliding into Europe finds you browsing the extraordinary cigar list at a lounge in Prague, Czech Republic. The Tynska Bar and Books is re-known for being “the world’s most refreshingly civilized place to meet.” It’s dark and cozy décor enhances the candle lit atmosphere.

5. The Bar and Cigar. Oslo, Norway

Taking a more northern turn you reach Oslo, Norway, and the Bar & Cigar. Here, you can enjoy a good Cuban cigar from the comfort of the patio. Its friendly staff and full bar, which feature hundreds of cognacs and good scotches, gives a good atmosphere for conversation.

6. La Casa Del Habano. Stuttgart, Germany

Dropping into Stuttgart, Germany lands you in the heart of Europe and La Casa del Habano. Featuring an unparalleled cigar list, the bar is the cigar enthusiasts’ dream. Its variety of fine liquors, coupled with its large and comfortable seating, make this one of the best places to enjoy a cigar.

7. Le Cubana Café. Paris, France

The Best Cigar Lounges to Enjoy a Smoke Around the World 3

Should you decide to take a tour of the city of love, stop by Le Cubana Café in Paris, France. The cigar lounge holds an animated atmosphere where the cigars stay lit and the drinks don’t run dry. Decorated in vibrant yellows and sultry reds, this lounge promises a taste of Cuba.

8. Whiskey & Cigar Bar in the Lamb Inn. Hindon, Wiltshire

A rail away finds yourself in England and that much closer to the Whiskey & Cigar Bar located in Hindon, Wiltshire’s The Lamb Inn. The bar’s enormous scotch collection compliments is selection of cigars, including the Trinidad and Montecristo. The Partagas is especially noteworthy, and, should you find the interest of touring the area, the Stonehenge is not far.Marcanudo Club. New York City, New York.

9. Marcanudo Club. New York City, New York

Across the Atlantic is the esteem Marcanudo Club in New York City, U.S. situated in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This cigar lounge maintains a refined atmosphere where cigar enthusiasts can relax into the plush leather sofas and enjoy one of the 10 varieties of Cohina and Partagas cigars with a rich single malt scotch or port.

10. El Floridita. Havana Cuba

The Best Cigar Lounges to Enjoy a Smoke Around the World 4

A trip down the Atlantic coastline into Central America ends this tour in the cigar capital of the world. Havana, Cuba is home to the El Floridita, whose lively atmosphere is influenced by the local culture. It claims to be the birthplace of the daiquiris, which it specializes in, and you can take your pick of its cigar selection to enjoy with it.



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