Chocolate Flavored Cigars: Our Top 5 List

When it comes to buying cigars online, you can never go wrong with chocolate. And we don’t mean the milk chocolate kind you had as a kid! Some chocolate cigars are blended with luxury cocoa flavors, while others acquire the taste naturally from where and how their tobacco leaves are grown. Either variety of chocolate cigars make great gifts for veteran or rookie smokers. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? Here is a list of our favorite five!


1. Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

This mild to medium cigar tastes like a chocolate bar. More specifically, it offers flavors of toasted nuts, cocoa, semi-sweet chocolate, and occasionally caramel. The ’90 cigar uses a breathtaking blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero as well as a delicious natural broadleaf wrapper from the heart of Honduras. It also has a mild hint of white pepper spice, and an impressive white thick cloud of smoke.The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 will run you about $5 a cigar. Get the cigar here. 


2. La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Reserva

For about $9.50 a cigar, this Nicaraguan classic cigar will amaze you with its sweet chocolate earthiness. Hints of peppermint and maple syrup can be tasted as you smoke the Mi Amor Reserva, and the dark Mexican wrapper is truly eye-catching. This cigar is medium-full and picks up in strength as it is smoked. The cocoa taste goes well with the earthy leather undertones of the wrapper. It is a unique and well-respected smoke. Get the cigar here.


3. Tatiana Classic Chocolate

These popular chocolate flavored cigars are the most affordable on our list. For only about $2.50 a cigar you can taste the wonderful chocolate infusion of the Tatiana Classic. These cigars are handmade, and the premium chocolate flavoring is delicately blended. This cigar is made with an Indonesian wrapper and Dominican tobacco for a smooth easy smoke. The smell of chocolate will fill the air around you with this cigar! See the cigar here.


4. Padron 3000 Maduro

The Padron Maduros are naturally flavored Nicaraguan cigars, with sweet undertones of chocolate, coffee, and caramel. This bold creamy smoke fits well with the intense cocoa flavor, and the 3000 is a truly full cigar. Immediately you will notice the chocolate smell to the wrapper, and the cigar’s dark color. Whatever the Padron is lacking in appearance it truly makes up for in its sweet taste. These luxury cigars are available for around $5 each. Get the cigar here.


5. Java Maduro Toro

The Java Maduro Toro features a delicious blend of chocolate and espresso flavors. The Brazilian wrapper adds a unique spice to the cigar, and the chocolate spice blend is impeccable. Some consider it addicting! Smoking this cigar is similar to tasting a fancy mocha. These first rate mild to medium cigars will run about $7 a piece, and go great with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate! See the cigar here.