Best Cigars for Beginners 101

Maybe you were on the patio at a nightclub when someone offered you a taste of their cigar. “Wow!” you thought in your head, “that was awesome!” But in reality, you remained cool and collected as if you were a cigar aficionado because you didn’t want your company to know that this was actually your first time smoking a cigar.

Later that evening you find yourself searching for smoke shops, ready to dive right on into the world of cigars. But upon your search you realize that the world of cigars is a big one, and you don’t exactly know where to start. Don’t fret my friend. You’re in luck. There are hundreds of great cigars that are suitable for beginners.


What to Look For When Picking Your First Cigar

Mild or Medium is Your Friend. Don’t worry, just because a cigar is labeled as a mild or medium cigar doesn’t mean that it is bland or tasteless. In fact, many medium cigars often have a sweeter smell and taste than many other cigars that are classified as full-bodied.


Suggested Cigars for Beginners


This well-known cigar, the Macanudo, is a favorite amongst both cigar experts as well as cigar newbies. This cigar features a mild and mellow, yet still extremely flavorful blend that provides a smooth and delicate smoking experience.


Another cigar favorite for beginners is the Baccarat cigar from Honduras which is known primarily for its medium aromatic flavor.


When You’re Smoking, Keep in Mind

Make sure that when you get ready to smoke your cigar, you first clip the tip of the cigar with a purpose-built cigar clipper. If you don’t have a clipper on hand carefully cut it with a knife.

Once you’ve clipped the cigar, it’s time to light it. To light your cigar, using a torch lighter will provide the best results, but a cigarette lighter will get the job done.


Now it’s time for the fun part! Smoking your cigar! When you first begin smoking your cigar just take a few puffs (don’t inhale just yet). Once you see that the smoke is white, you can start taking a drag once every few minutes and really enjoying your cigar the right way! Enjoy!

Whatever kind of cigar you want to smoke, Cigar Standard has the best selection for your preference.