What A Cigar Tastes Like

Cigars create a casual atmosphere for the most sophisticated folks around, on vacations, back patios, or business outings. Some avid cigar smokers laugh at flavored cigars, similar to how a wine enthusiast may mock wine coolers, but others adore indulging in different flavors.

As a first-time cigar smoker, it is probably your best bet to opt for a plain cigar to begin learning the vast art of distinguishing the many cigar tastes. However, flavored cigars offer advanced smokers an easy switch-up from their daily original flavored smokes. One tip any flavored cigar smoker will tell you, is to buy one flavored cigar first – don’t dive in and purchase a whole pack of one flavor because they may taste too sickeningly sweet or may not be your choice of flavor. A vanilla flavored cigar will certainly taste different than a vanilla flavored doughnut, so take your time discovering your personal favorite cigar.


The Different Cigar Tastes

Cigars come in a plethora of flavors, from cinnamon to rose to lavender to leather. Some offer multiple flavors from start to finish, and others naturally have hints of fresh uniqueness depending on what type of tobacco plant is used.

Firstly, the last thing you want to do is overanalyze what flavors you taste. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the smoke! However, it is fun to understand what you taste and why. Keep in mind that each of the five senses contributes to the overall appeal of a cigar taste. For example, the aroma affects your taste buds, the touch is either silky or rough depending on the moisture content, and the appearance of smoke may sway your opinion of whether you like the cigar or not.


Cigar Tastes on the Tongue

Earthy, nutty, spicy, floral, herbs and fruit are common flavors that you will pick up when smoking a cigar. You can taste these flavors thanks to the tongue’s natural ability to distinguish the following:

  • Umami – a savory taste that is often associated with meat or cheese high in protein
  • Sour
  • Sweet
  • Salty
  • Bitter


What Cigars are Made From

Cigars are made from three different tobacco plants, which is how original cigars gain their taste. Soaking the filler leaves in syrup is how flavored cigars are artificially flavored. However, the aging, type and geographical region of the tobacco leaf also impact a cigar’s taste.

Here are the three top tobacco leaves that make up the cigar:

  • Wrapper – this should be smooth and not dry. If it is too dry and cracked, that means that the cigar overheated in the production process. The wrapper also has a lot of aroma.
  • Filler – This is very important! It either makes or breaks the cigar and brings the smoker most of the flavor.
  • Binder – this leaf should be very absorbent, and does exactly as it sounds – clings the wrapper and foil together.


Enjoy the Different Cigar Tastes

Overall, to fully enjoy the taste of a cigar, smoke it from beginning to end and keep in mind that the flavor comes from the wrapper, age of the leaves, blends, and the rolling process. Sit back, light up a cigar, and enjoy discovering new flavors!