The Effects of Smoking Cigars

Are you a new cigar smoker and want to know the effect of cigars in the body?

Have you been smoking cigars but do not know the possible effect it has in the body and how to avoid it?

Or you are just imagining the reason why people smoke cigars in the first place?

While cigars are labeled bad and dangerous to health, it is important for you to know that there are still some positive effects it has on the body of smokers.

The Positive Effect of Cigars

While there are many health related information regarding the negative effects of smoking cigara, there are some positive effects. There are several positive health benefits of cigars most health organizations don’t talk about.

Smokers are not likely to worry about knee-replacement surgery as cigars usually reduce the risk. Another positive effect of cigar smoking is that it does reduce the risk of Parkinson disease. More so, smokers are not likely to die of obesity as cigars usually reduce the risk. Cigar smoking also helps clopidogrel which is a well-known heart drug.

These positive effects of cigars are backed with clinical and scientific proof. But, this does not mean that you should become a chain smoker as there are many other negative effects associated with cigar smoking which made it advisable to completely abstain from cigar smoking.

The Negative Effects of Cigars

A majority of people are embracing Cigars in order to run away from the dangers associated with cigarettes. But the truth is that Cigars also come with some dangerous negative effects that can even result in death if not handled on time or accurately. Cancer of the

Cancer of the esophagus, oral cavity and larynx are among the major negative effects of smoking cigars which all cigar smokers need to know. Also, there is risk of lung cancer and pancreas associated with cigar smoking is among the dangers cigar smokers need to be aware of.

In addition to several kinds of cancer associated with cigar smoking, those who smoke cigars are exposing themselves to the risk of having a heart attack as well as other forms of lung diseases.

Why People Smoke Cigars

The question still remains that, why do people smoke Cigars despite the enormous negative effects enumerated above?

Different people are smoking cigars for different reasons. Some are smoking cigars as it makes them feel high as if they are still smoking cigarettes. Some are smoking cigars to get the above mentioned positive effects without the negative effects associated with cigarettes.

More so, that in extreme cold environment usually embraces Cigars to warm up their body without putting themselves at the risk of Cigarette smoking.