Cigars Smoked in Some of the Most Iconic Movies

Any cigar enthusiast is sure to notice that some of their favorite cigars will pop up in their favorite movies.

Cigars are often viewed as classy, statement pieces that are smoked by only the most sophisticated people, and TV/film features have had a hand in promoting this societal view. In fact, some of the most iconic movies of all time feature prominent characters (and actors) smoking some prime cigars. Check out this list of cigars smoked in some of the most iconic movies in Hollywood.

1. The Godfather (1972):

Perhaps one of the most iconic films of the 20th century, The Godfather is riddled with scenes where Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, and James Caan can be seen lighting up with a thick, hearty cigar. Seen as an iconic staple of the mafia, the cigars appreciated in this film are most likely Parejos, known for their straight, cylindrical shape, easy for holding between the fingers, and dark brown color.

2. Scarface (1983):

Cigars Smoked in Some of the Most Iconic Movies

Another one of the fast-paced films of the 20th century, Scarface sports Al Pacino in another lead role, which finds him smoking cigars, making money, and grabbing power. Further solidifying the image of cigar smokers being synonymous with supremacy and wealth, Pacino’s “Tony Montana” is often seen smoking a cigar, which looks like another Parejo—long, dark, and cylindrical. It certainly gives him a look of complexity that audiences adore.

3. American Psycho (2000):

Cigars Smoked in Some of the Most Iconic Movies

By this time, cigars being smoked by commanding, if not disturbed, men have become a definite film trope. In the dark yet comedic American Psycho, audiences won’t soon forget Christian Bale’s character lighting up another—you guessed it—Parejo cigar after he has killed a man. The scene is a classic, and the cigar only makes it that much better.

4. Spiderman 2 (2004):

Cigars Smoked in Some of the Most Iconic Movies

If you enjoy any of the Spiderman movies, chances are you love JK Simmons’ iconic role as J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker’s boss in the early 2000s franchise of the Marvel comic book.

Apart from being a boisterous loudmouth, most Spidey fans know J. Jameson as being the guy who talks with a large Parejo-style cigar hanging out of the side of his mouth. He is also known for blowing smoke into the faces of his employees, particularly Parker, and pretty much anyone else who stumbles in his path. Again, we see the trope of a man in an authoritative position smoking a powerful-looking cigar.

5. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (1967):

A Clint Eastwood film makes it onto the list with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. In this film, there’s a bit of cigar use, but perhaps one of the most refreshing scenes is when Eli Wallach’s “Tuco” searches for a usable cigar as he makes his way across the sweltering plains. Here, a couple varying cigar types can be seen, the Parejo style and the Figurado, which refers to cigars of more unique shapes such as cones, wide bodies, and other creative forms.

6. Independence Day (1996):

Cigars Smoked in Some of the Most Iconic Movies

Independence Day finds Will Smith in one of his best roles as “Steven Hiller”. Though the film is a testament to humankind coming together in the face of full-scale alien invasion, no one could forget the scene where Smith’s character takes a smoke break with a long, lean Parejo style cigar. After taking down one of the invading creatures himself, he makes a delightful “Will Smith crack” about “close encounters.”

7. X-Men Franchise/Wolverine:

This last entry covers a couple of movies in which Hugh Jackman’s “Wolverine” is seen smoking a Cohiba brand cigar, which comes in all types, including parejos. Throughout the X-Men films, the audience is sure to see Wolverine with his trademark cigar at one point or another. Again, when Wolverine is seen with a cigar in hand (and mouth), it’s usually a pretty intense panorama where he seems powerful, intimidating, and completely cool.

Of course, this list of films is just the tip of the iceberg. Plenty more Hollywood blockbusters showcase huge stars smoking cigars while looking cool and collected. Forever a symbol of the high life, cigars have become a definite staple for powerful characters in high-octane films.


Photo Source: Universal PicturesLionsgate FilmsMarvel Studios20th Century Fox/Centropolis Entertainment