What Makes Cuban Cigars So Popular?

Cuban cigars have been around for years, and they’re famous all around the world. Demand has started to rise for these cigars as the hype around them continues to grow – despite their scarcity.

However, now that people can bring these cigars back to the United States, there’s an even higher demand as cigar enthusiasts scramble to find Cuban cigars. But, why are they such a hit? What makes them so special?


Cuban cigars are scarce and hard to find, which gives them a sense of exclusivity.

In 2016, President Obama lifted the restrictions on Cuban rum and cigars, which made it easier to bring Cuban cigars back to the United States. Despite that fact, Cuban cigars are still incredibly hard to find and expensive to buy. Cuban cigars also carry a hefty price tag, ranging from $25 and up. These are incredibly expensive compared to traditional cigars, but their hefty price tag gives them an air of luxury.  

There are also many fake cigars floating around in the U.S.. This makes it difficult to find a real and genuine Cuban cigar, and makes finding an authentic Cuban cigar a real treat.


Cuban cigars are the only cigars made using Cuban tobacco.  


People enjoy smoking a Cuban cigar because they are only made with one ingredient – Cuban tobacco. Cuban tobacco has a unique blend of tastes and aromas, which gives the cigar a unique flavor profile. Cuban tobacco is known to be rich in flavor, strength and depth – which makes them a luxury product for all cigar smokers. Cuban cigars have been known to have a sophisticated flavor with touches of coffee, chocolate and leather.

The high grade tobacco within the cigars is unmatched, and (as stated before) is incredibly difficult to find. This has led many people to consider these cigars as pure and premium, which has boosted their popularity in the United States.


Cuban cigars won Cigar Aficionado’s “Cigar of the Year” award in 2006, and gained popularity in 2010.  

Cigar Aficionado is a magazine that is known for its extensive database of cigar reviews and ratings. Cigar enthusiasts eagerly subscribe to this magazine to find out about the latest and greatest cigars on the market.

In 2006, Cuban cigars won the award for “Cigar of the Year.” These cigars were described as sophisticated, yet rich. Winning this award was a huge accomplishment, and led Cuban cigars to rise in fame and popularity. Demand for Cuban cigars skyrocketed as cigar connoisseurs began their search for these exclusive cigars.

In 2010, Cigar Aficionado dubbed the year as the “year of the Cuban cigar.” 2010 was a great year for Cuban cigars, as their popularity continued to grow even greater.
Cuban cigars are popular for their scarcity, exclusivity and flavor. The name alone is enough to boost Cuban cigars to fame, but there are other features that help prove that Cuban cigars are worth trying. The hype is real – and Cuban cigars will continue to grow in popularity for years to come.