Shedding Light on Some Odd US Cigar Laws that Exist

While it’s common knowledge that there are plenty of smoking laws in place throughout every state in the country to protect the health of the public, there are more smoking laws that are a little harder to understand. dosierung cialis 20mg

As it turns out, there are plenty of odd cigar and smoking laws throughout the United States that really, truly exist, and they’re about as strange as you would expect them to be. While breaking these laws may not be punishable anymore, it’s still worth it to have the proper knowledge surrounding the legality of this simple pastime. Even if you think your simple smoke break is good and legal, you should check again, just to be sure because these weird cigar and smoking laws may surprise you.

Odd US Cigar and Smoking Laws that Actually Exist

  • It is illegal to smoke while also participating in a parade or carnival in New Orleans, Louisiana. Further, if a float is entered in a parade, it has to have a “no smoking” sign somewhere clearly visible attached to it. The reasons behind these laws are unknown and the irony is not lost as it is a well-known fact that most everything goes in the great city of New Orleans.
  • If you’re in New Port, Rhode Island, it’s okay to smoke a pipe as long as it’s done during daylight hours only. Once the sun goes down, pipe smoking is considered illegal.

Shedding Light on Some Odd US Cigar Laws that ExistShedding Light on Some Odd US Cigar Laws that Exist viagra coupons

  • In Zion, Illinois, people are not allowed to give lit cigars to domestic animals. Of course, this law makes sense as doing so would be incredibly dangerous for you’re the average dog and house cat! pictures of cialis pills
  •  In Missouri, there is a law that states that teenagers are allowed to purchase loose tobacco and rolling paper, but they are prohibited from actually buying a lighter. While the intent is good, seems this state forgot that matches work just as well—and can be bought just about anywhere!
  •  Finally, in New Jersey, visitors to the zoo are accustomed to the strangest cigar law of all: it is illegal to give cigars and cigarettes to the animals. While this sounds like a good idea nonetheless, the law itself is strange because you’d expect people to know this already.

Shedding Light on Some Odd US Cigar Laws that ExistShedding Light on Some Odd US Cigar Laws that Exist
Perhaps the funniest part of these odd laws is that they were most likely erected in response to an incident in which the elements outlined in the law actually happened. So, there may have been a customer who handed a hippo a cigar in New Jersey, an old lady who tried to light up with her cat in Illinois, or a couple of teens who caused a ruckus after sunset with some cigars in New Port, Rhode Island.

Whatever the reason behind these laws, now you know what’s legal and what isn’t when it comes to having a cigar in different US states.

For some laws that actually make sense throughout the US, check out these tobacco and smoking regulation laws and statistics. If you’d like to learn some odd cigar laws throughout the world, visit here. viagra ireland online