The Ultimate List of Sweet Tasting Cigars for Sugar Addicts

Have you ever gone into a candy shop and smelled those delicious sweets wishing that you could just take a lung full back with you? If you’re a cigar lover, then thankfully you can. Sweet cigars are a cigar capped or dipped in a sweet mixture or given a flavor blend to make each inhale memorable and delicious. Try out these sweet tasting, candy inspired cigars that will make your tastebuds go wild!

1. The Ashton Aged Maduro

The Ashton Aged Maduro is a mild to medium cigar that is rich and sweet in flavor. Wrapped in an oily Connecticut broadleaf, each exhale leaves a creamy texture and the natural sweet taste of the leaf leave a nutty aftertaste. Flavor bursts of chocolate and coffee come and go accompanied by a mild spice.

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2. John Ts Cigars

For a lighter smoke, John T’s Cigars give a variety of sweet flavors. These hand-rolled cigars made with premium cigar leaf and tobacco are rolled with aromatic pipe tobacco and its head is dipped in Dominican rum and honey. The flavors available include Vanilla, Chocolate Strawberry Daiquiri, Cherry and Cream, Peach Whiskey, and Rum and Cola.

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3. Camacho Triple Maduro

The Camacho Triple Maduro is considered the king of Maduro’s and is a medium cigar. The cigar is layered with dark Honduran Maduro tobacco, and the first lite gives a strong taste of spice that slowly teases out sweet rich chocolate flavors. The sweetness grows until each take coats the mouth and tongue with a decadent taste of a French chocolate pastry.

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4. Fuente 858 Maduro

For a light, everyday smoke, the Maduro lover may find the Fuente 858 Maduro to be the ideal cigar for them. Wrapped in Connecticut broadleaf and filled with smooth Dominican tobacco, this medium cigar leaves a rich, sweet cocoa flavor on the taste buds.

5. CAO Moontrance

If you prefer an exotic taste, then the CAO Moontrance may be the cigar for you. The CAO Moontrance is a bourbon, vanilla flavored cigar blended with exotic fruits and topped off with a bit of a honey essences. Other flavors CAO offer include Bella Vanilla, Earth Nectar, Eileen’s Dream, and Golden Honey.

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6. Partagas Black

For the strong cigar lover, Partagas Black is the one you are looking for. Considered the strongest Maduro, Partagas Black is made with a special sun-grown, Medio Tiempo, and is a good wake up call. Its spicy and bold flavor is powerful, but it holds the undertones of sweetness and coffee of the traditional Maduro.

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7. Liga Privada No. 9

Liga Privada No. 9 is a strong Nicaraguan cigar produced by Drew Estate. The cigar is considered the product that launched their business up the ranks, and its rich and heavy smoke confirms its success. With bursts of espresso and a rich earthy taste, this cigar is a definite pick-me-up.

8. Padron 1926

For those who want to have a literal taste of luxury, try the Padron 1926. This Maduro holds a smooth, aged Nicaraguan filler held together with a dark, oily wrapper that leaves each breath filled with notes of chocolate and cream with a hint of spice at the end.

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9. Cuban Delights Corona Rum

Cuban Delights Corona Rum is a cigar that is well priced and hard to beat. The cigar is a pleasant blend of Dominican tobacco and cherry rum flavoring that sits well on the tongue. Cherry and Vanilla flavoring is also available through Cuban Delights.

10. Perdomo 12 Year Vintage Maduro

Saving the best for last is the guilty, late night pleasure, the Perdomo 12 Year Vintage Maduro. This Maduro is made with tobacco aged in bourbon barrels and its blend gives bursts of flavors including chocolate, sweet cocoa, and that knock of bourbon. This cigar is best had with a stiff drink of bourbon.

We sincerely hope these sweet indulgences bring back a spark of childhood happiness and memory back into your mind and fill you with delight. Nothing is sweeter than sweets itself, so why not try a little sugar with your next cigar? Enjoy!