Best Cigars for Beginners 101

Maybe you were on the patio at a nightclub when someone offered you a taste of their cigar. “Wow!” you thought in your head, “that was awesome!” But in reality, you remained cool and collected as if you were a cigar aficionado because you didn’t want your company to know that this was actually your […]

Do You Inhale Cigar Smoke?

This current culture has been blessed with an age where most are free to express themselves in any way they choose and still be socially accepted, and apparently the coolest of the bunch are the most distinct. Suddenly, out of date possessions, styles, and material goods are making a comeback as a nod to “classic […]

Exploring Different Cigar Regions

This article is going to discuss the different regions where cigars are made, and compare their benefits, drawbacks and mention some of their distinct features. Each region has their own unique flavour or technique used to created the cigar. Dominican Republic Cigars   The Dominican Republic is the largest exporter and maker of cigars in […]

Hand Rolled vs Machine Rolled Cigars: Which is Better?

A cigar is just a cigar, right? Though this may be the case for someone who is unfamiliar with cigars, everyone from beginners to more seasoned cigar smokers know that a cigar is defined by how it is made. In short, there is something to be said for the difference in taste and experience between […]

The Ideal Humidity for Cigars

Are you new to cigar smoking but often wonders the ideal humidity for cigars? Do you understand the effect of humidity on cigars to secure your cigars from spoilage? There are several factors that go into the care and maintenance of cigars, humidity being one of the most important. What is humidity? Humidity according to […]

The Many Different Types of Cigars

Cigars come in a wide range of types, shapes, flavors, wrappers, and more, all of which effect their overall taste and experience. The key to choosing the perfect cigar for you is by understanding all of the cigar’s many unique aspects, and the ways those aspects influence one another. This article aims to help you […]

What A Cigar Tastes Like

Cigars create a casual atmosphere for the most sophisticated folks around, on vacations, back patios, or business outings. Some avid cigar smokers laugh at flavored cigars, similar to how a wine enthusiast may mock wine coolers, but others adore indulging in different flavors. As a first-time cigar smoker, it is probably your best bet to […]

When Were Cigars Invented?

Whether it’s the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, Demi Moore, or your neighbor puffing away on a cigar on their back porch, that nonchalant attitude while smoking a cigar is an inevitable common dominator. Cigars play a vital role in cultures, including prohibition attempts in Britain, lounging for hours after dinner with a glass of port in […]