Exploring Different Cigar Regions

This article is going to discuss the different regions where cigars are made, and compare their benefits, drawbacks and mention some of their distinct features. Each region has their own unique flavour or technique used to created the cigar.

Dominican Republic Cigars


The Dominican Republic is the largest exporter and maker of cigars in the world. It is often called the ‘cigar country’. Cuban cigars look like these, but the taste is much different. They are usually made in the Cibao Valley and Santiago. With more than 600,000 acres of tobacco fields, they are very well grown and they can provide some of the best quality cigars possible with their experience in the field! You can buy cigars from this region here.

Connecticut Valley Cigars


The Connecticut Valley is well known for its Connecticut shade, which is typically used as a Binder. These typically also have Ligero Filler blends which make for a fine, smooth smoke. The Connecticut Broadleaf often finds its way into many premium cigars and is more heavy than more traditional tobacco. The Binder and the Connecticut Broadleaf are well known for their quality and premium price and they usually find their way into premium cigars.

Cuban Cigars


Cuba is one of the most famous producers of Cigars. Cuba produces many varied types of cigars and they are usually of very high quality. They are often hard to obtain in the United States due to the trade embargo the United States has with Cuba, and as such are highly sought after and highly priced in the United States.

Mexican Cigars


Mexican Cigars are generally cheaper than most other regions and have a mild taste to them, but are typically very flavoured with a distinct aromatic taste compared to other cigar regions. Some of their best cigars are made in the Mexican town of San Andres Tuxtla. The humid and mild climate helps with the tobacco quality and flavour. The cigar rolling process is always done by hand in this region due to tradition.

Brazilian Cigars


Brazil is not well known as Cigar producing country, but Brazilian tobacco is used in many cigars from other regions, as they are well known for their tobacco quality. They are increasing in popularity and their cigars are on par with their tobacco quality.

Nicaraguan Cigars


Nicaragua begun its cigar industry when the Cuban Revolution lead many cigar experts from Cuba to flee to this country. They have been famous for tobacco for a long time prior but had not grown cigar grade crops until the Cuban experts came along with Cuban tobacco seeds. They are now a well-known producer of very fine cigars on par with Cuban cigar quality.

Honduran Cigars


The Honduras Tobacco Industry was given a boost when many Cuban tobacco experts fled Cuba for Honduras. This was like the Nicaragua situation where both the climate and the soil of the Honduras was the perfect growing environment for tobacco plants with a strong aroma. The cigars from this region have a very distinctive taste and aroma that is unmatched anywhere else.


Cigars from these regions are bound to impress any cigar smoker. Their quality is based on years of experience in cigar manufacture and these places produce the best cigars in the world.